Here & Now: An Ode to Roller Disco

When the owner of New Hampshire’s last roller rink announced recently he planned to close, emotions ran high. That’s because in its prime, the rink was more than just another gathering place, another place to skate. And, as longtime Upper Valley residents will tell you, nothing quite like it exists today.

May 2019

Photo: Courtesy of Debbie DeHavens

NHPR: 'What is The Point of a Cello Out of Ice?' Dartmouth Duo Hopes You'll Hear For Yourself.

Spencer Topel and Seth Parker Wood’s Ice Cello is a take on an iconic performance art piece from the 1970s. In that first version, a woman - naked except for a garland of flowers around her neck - played a “cello” made completely of ice. Now, the performance is being re- imagined to reflect modern themes. But that’s required some modern engineering as well.

April 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Spencer Topel and Seth Parker Woods



NHPR: Two Longtime N.H. Photographers Set Out to Take a Portrait of Their Home State

Gary Samson and David Putnam first came together over their shared love of photography about 40 years ago. At 67 years old, they’ve both lead distinguished careers. Putnam runs a successful picture framing and photography business in Claremont. Samson, now New Hampshire’s Artist Laureate, led the photography department at the New Hampshire Institute of Art for many years. Now, for the first time, they’re looking to collaborate closely on a project together.

November 2018

Photo: Britta Greene

MPR: Bloomington music man revives love songs from 1930s

David Dole, 101, has dusted off an old binder of song lyrics he wrote back in the 1930s. They're mostly love songs, written for the girls he was dating. But while he wrote down all his lyrics at the time, he didn't write out the musical notes — or melodies — for the songs. Now, he’s working with his son to record them for future generations.

November 2015



Transom: Under Water

Bill Scully dives in the ponds of Cape Cod, photographing the scenes he finds under water. He talks about his love for photography, and how he ended up with this as a pastime, rather than a career.

December 2013

Photo: Courtesy of William Scully