NPR: Voters Trying To Decide Where They Fall On Ideas Of Large Govt. Structural Changes

Democratic presidential candidates are talking about abolishing the Electoral College and adding Supreme Court seats. And Democratic voters, discouraged by political stalemates, are eating it up.

April 2019

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Here & Now: At N.H. Border Checkpoints, Immigration, Drug Policy and Politics Collide

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been running checkpoints in New Hampshire more frequently under the Trump administration. The stated goal is enforcing immigration law, and to that end the stops have been fairly successful. But supporters are also quick to turn attention to another topic: drugs and the state’s opioid crisis.

October 2018

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NHPR: Former Claremont Superintendent Reflects On Racial Tensions: 'I Was Absolutely Unaware'

It's been a year since the near-hanging of a young, biracial boy in Claremont, N.H. made national news. Now, NHPR is looking at how that event impacted local residents, including the then-superintedent of schools, Middleton McGoodwin. The incident forced him to reflect uncomfortably on his own relationship with race.

August 2018

Photo: James Napoli

NHPR: He Has Simple Message For Black Students: You’re Not Alone

Wayne Miller was known around Claremont for his work on addiction. He can talk about addiction and recovery “left and right and sideways,” he says. But something he’d rarely spoken about in public before last year was race. That changed after a young biracial boy in town nearly died, and Miller felt compelled to speak up.

August 2018

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NHPR: As Dartmouth Rolls Out New Harassment Plan, Critics Say It's Nowhere Near Enough

Dartmouth’s administrators have introduced a plan to address a recent lawsuit’s core concerns: sexual harassment and abuse of power on campus. Critics both on and off campus, though, say the plan doesn’t go far enough. Instead, they worry, it's a hollow promise for reform.

March 2019

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