Ep. 3: Oh, brother

Minneapolis writer Graison Dangor has only recently started to forge a relationship with his brother. It’s been going well with the exception of one sticking point, and it’s a big one: his brother’s career choice. He’s enrolled in a law enforcement training program and wants to be a cop in the Twin Cities.

For Graison, a supporter of Black Lives Matter and proponent of police reform, it’s hard to imagine a worse choice. Graison decides to confront the situation head on, and tells this story about what happens next.

Music from Podington Bear and Lee Rosevere via Free Music Archive. Special thanks to Sophie Nikitas, Max Nesterak and Soraya Dangor. 

Episode artwork created with icons from the Noun Project. Clockwise from top left: "Mortar Board" by Catia Marsh Mallow, "Duplicate Image" by Creative Stall, "Badge" and "Gun" by Joana Pereira.